Supplier Brand Registration and Label Approval

Pursuant to K.S.A. 41-331(b), every supplier desiring to sell alcoholic liquor or cereal malt beverage to Kansas distributors are required to register each brand and obtain approval for each label prior to making shipments to Kansas distributors.

There are no fees to register brands. Once a brand has been registered, it will be valid until the supplier notifies ABC to cancel the brand and all approved labels.

A $25 annual label fee is required for each size of each label to be sold in Kansas. Approved labels are valid from the date approved through June 30th. Renewed labels are then valid July 1st through June 30th unless the supplier notifies the ABC to cancel the label. All approved labels must be renewed each year the product will continue to be sold in Kansas.

The $25 Label Fee Applies as Follows:

  • New label registration
  • Adding a new label to a previously registered brand
  • Changing the vintage on a currently registered product
  • Adding an additional vintage to a currently registered product
  • Changes to a currently registered label, even if it does not require a new COLA
  • Combo and Value added packs require a fee if any of the products contained in those packs are not currently registered

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Brand Registration and Label Approval Forms

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