Apply for a Non-Beverage Permit

Prerequisites to Obtain a Non-Beverage Permit:

The Non-Beverage permit allows a one-time purchase of alcohol or wine. The applicant must be a:

  • College
  • Hospital
  • Sanatorium
  • School
  • Other institution caring for the sick

The purchase of alcohol or wine must be used for:

  • Scientific
  • Chemical
  • Experimental
  • Mechanical
  • Medicinal purposes

If you are purchasing alcohol or wine as a manufacturing ingredient, or for any other reason, you must make application for a Non-Beverage User License.


The permit holder must purchase alcohol or wine from a manufacturer, distributor, microbrewery or farm winery. At the time of purchase, they must provide two copies of their permit to the seller. Within 10 days of the purchase, the permit holder attaches a copy of their invoice to their original permit then returns it to the ABC. Additional purchases require a new permit.

Applying for a Non-Beverage Permit:

The following document and fee is required to obtain a new Non-Beverage Permit:

  1. Non-Beverage Permit Application and Agreement (ABC-835)
  2. $2 Permit fee

Taxes on the Alcohol or Wine Purchased:

Tax is not imposed on purchases of alcohol or wine by a Non-Beverage Permit holder.

Reporting the Alcohol or Wine Purchased:

Within 10 days of the purchase, Non-Beverage Permit Holders must attach a copy of their invoice to the original permit and return it to the ABC.

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