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If you are an individual who owns your own alcoholic liquor and you want to bring it into Kansas, visit our I want to Bring My Alcoholic Liquor into Kansas page for additional information.

If you are an individual who is purchasing wine for your own personal use and you want it delivered to your residence or if you are a winery wanting to ship wine to a Kansas consumer, please see the information below.

Introduction for Individuals Purchasing Wine:

Kansas consumers, who are 21 years of age of older, who want to have wine shipped directly to their residence for personal or household use must purchase wine from a winery that holds a valid Kansas Special Order Shipping license.

To locate a Kansas Special Order Shipping licensee, visit our Active Liquor Licensee database and search by the License Type special order shipping to display a list of licensed wineries.

Introduction for Wineries:

The special order shipping license is available to any maker or producer of wine whether in this state or in any other state who holds a valid federal basic wine manufacturing permit. A special order shipping license will be issued to a winery upon compliance with all applicable provisions of the Liquor Control Act and regulations.

New applicants for a Special Order Shipping license must complete the application process; pay the $100 license fee; pay the $50 registration fee; and, post a $750 surety or escrow bond with the ABC. Note: If the Special Order Shipping license applicant also holds a Kansas Farm Winery license, they are exempt from the bond requirement as they have previously posted a bond for their Farm Winery license.

Special Order Shipping licenses are valid for two years from the date of issuance and must be renewed bi-annually. Special Order Shipping licensees renewing their license must complete the application process; pay the $100 license fee; and, pay the $10 registration fee.

A Special Order Shipping license authorizes the winery to ship wine upon order directly to consumers for personal or household use in Kansas and not for resale.


Special Order Shipping licensees cannot ship more than 12 standard cases* of wine of one brand or a combination of brands to any one Kansas consumer or Kansas address per calendar year.

*A standard case means a package of original packages not to exceed more than 9,000 milliliters of one brand or a combination of brands of wine.

Sales to Kansas Consumers:

Before accepting an order from a consumer in Kansas, the Special Order Shipping licensee shall require that the person placing the order state affirmatively that he or she is 21 years of age or older and shall verify the age of such person placing the order either by the physical examination of an approved government issued form of identification or by utilizing an internet based age and identification service approved by the Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The purchaser shall pay the purchase price, all applicable taxes and shipping costs directly to the Special Order Shipping licensee.


Every shipment of wine by the special prder shipping licensee shall be clearly marked “Alcoholic Beverages, Adult Signature Required” and the carrier delivering such shipment shall be responsible for obtaining the signature of a person who is at least 21 years of age as a condition of the delivery.

A special order shipping licensee shall not authorize the shipment of any wine to any premise licensed to sell alcoholic beverages pursuant to the Liquor Control Act and the Club and Drinking Establishment Act.


Failure to strictly comply with Kansas liquor laws shall be grounds for revocation of the special order shipping license or other disciplinary action by the Director. After the opportunity for a hearing, the Director may refuse to issue or renew or may revoke a Special Order Shipping license upon finding that the licensee has failed to comply with the Kansas liquor laws. A special order shipping licensee who has had their license revoked for shipping to a person not of legal age shall not be issued a special order shipping license for a period of one year from the date of revocation.

Taxes and Reports:

Gallonage Tax and Sales Report

Out-of-state wineries holding a special order shipping License must file an annual gallonage tax return and sales report and pay the gallonage tax to the Director of ABC.

Kansas Farm Wineries and Kansas Manufacturers holding a Special Order Shipping License must file a Monthly Gallonage Tax Return and Sales Report and pay the gallonage tax to the Director of ABC.

Liquor Enforcement Tax

All special order shipping license applicants, including Kansas Farm Wineries, must make application for a liquor enforcement tax certificate separately from the liquor license. Each licensee must file a monthly liquor enforcement tax return and pay the liquor enforcement tax to the Director of Taxation.

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