State Fair Temporary Permit and Liquor Tax Certificate

Applying for a State Fair Temporary Permit:

The following document and fee is required to obtain a State Fair Temporary Permit:

  1. State Fair Temporary Permit Application and Agreement (ABC 834)
  2. Permit fee ($25 for each day)

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Applying For Liquor Drink And Liquor Enforcement Tax Certificates

The applicant for a State Fair Temporary Permit must make application for a Liquor Drink Tax Certificate and a Liquor Enforcement Tax Certificate separately from the permit. A State Fair Temporary Permit will not be issued without the completed Business Tax Application for Liquor Drink and Liquor Enforcement taxes.

The Customer Relations Miscellaneous Tax Segment within the Division of Taxation processes applications for Liquor Drink Tax and Liquor Enforcement Tax certificates. Visit the Business Registration page to apply for these tax certificates.

For additional information, go to our Liquor Enforcement Tax and Liquor Drink Tax pages.