Business Registration

If you operate a business which requires the payment of Kansas tax you must register with the Kansas Department of Revenue. Begin the registration process at least four weeks prior to the date you start your business. The business tax application contains information for registering twelve different business taxes administered by the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Businesses can register for most taxes through Business Registration Online (Kansas Business Center). This service also provides online registration with the Secretary of State for corporations to do business in Kansas or to register with the Kansas Department of Labor for unemployment taxes.

Another business registration option, specific to the Department of Revenue, is the paper form, Business Tax Application (CR-16). You cannot use this form to register for unemployment tax. Return the completed application to: Kansas Department of Revenue, 915 SW Harrison Street, Topeka, KS 66625-9000 or FAX to 785-291-3614.

If your business involves liquor or cigarette/tobacco products you will also need to be licensed. Please refer to the Liquor License page for more information on requirements for obtaining the appropriate license.

You need to immediately notify the Department of Revenue if your business is closed or sold. Also if you have any filing period in which there is no business activity to report you still need to file a return for that period.