Dealer Web Questionnaire

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1. In most cases, transactions processed through the Dealer Web portal will be worked by the Dealer Licensing staff within an hour of the transaction. (Answer: Salesperson demo clip)

2. Dealers must first log in to the Kansas Department of Revenue, KS Webtax portal before logging in to the Dealer Web portal? (Answer: Intro. demo clip)

3. The identification number for the login to the Dealer Web portal is the dealership folder number. Where can you find your dealership folder number on documents we already send you? (Answer: Intro. demo clip)

4. Which link do you access to update an email address through the Dealer Web portal? (Answer: Change of Record demo clip)

5. If your dealership folder begins with leading zeros (i.e. 000123) you must use the leading zeros in entering your ID Number for the login to the Dealer Web portal. (Answer: Intro. demo clip)