Frequently Asked Questions About Enforcement

How do I contact the agent in my area?
Go to the “Contact Us” page on our website to find your assigned enforcement agent.

When a business gets an administrative citation for selling alcohol to an underage person, can the employee that sold the items be criminally charged?
Yes. However, that decision is up to the district court judge in the county where the criminal violation is filed.

If you are under the age of 21 and are caught drinking in a bar, does it go on your record? If so, for how long?
Yes. If you are convicted, the violation remains on your record unless it is expunged.

Are customers allowed to carry firearms in view or concealed in my bar?
A customer that would meet legal requirements can bring a firearm, either concealed or in open-carry, into a business. If the business owner wants to forbid this they are required to post signage that prohibits this. A description of the specific signage that is to be used can be found on the Kansas Attorney General's website

Can I host a graduation party at my house and provide alcohol to minors if their parents have given me verbal or written permission? How about if I require the kids to sleep over and I take control of their car keys to keep them from driving drunk?
No. This is considered "social hosting" and is explicitly prohibited by law (Kan. Stat. Ann. 21-5608).

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