Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Driver's License

I have passed the CDL knowledge exam and I am ready for the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) skills test. Do I need any appointment for the skills exams?
Yes, CMV skills tests are scheduled in advance for the following reasons:

  1. A CMV skills test can take from one hour to one and one half hours depending on conditions
  2. To ensure that a CDL examiner is available to administer the test, scheduling is necessary
  3. Skills test and test examiners may be monitored for quality control purposes
  4. CMV Testing schedules vary depending on business conditions. Please call a CDL testing facility in advance to determine test availability.

I already have the "P" endorsement on my CDL so that I can drive school buses. Why do I now have to get an "S" endorsement?
To comply with Federal Law, a Kansas law was passed which created the "S" endorsement for School Bus drivers.

What kind of tests will I have to pass to get the "S" endorsement?
Assuming you already have the "P" endorsement, you will have to pass an "S" endorsement knowledge test and a road test in a school bus representative of the type of school bus you will be driving. If you don't already have the "P" endorsement, you will have to pass the "P" endorsement knowledge test also.

If I only drive City buses or transport buses not affiliated with a school, do I have to get the "S" endorsement?
No. You only need the "S" endorsement to operate school buses, or buses contracted by a school district to transport school children.

Where do I get Medical Certification information?

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