Frequently Asked Questions About Project Exemption Certificates (PEC)

Online Exemption Application

I was entering my Project Exemption Certificate (PEC) request online and was called away from my desk for awhile.  When I returned, the information I had entered was gone, why?
The system will timeout if there is no activity for 20 minutes.

TIP: You are required to provide answers to all the questions except for the following: project number, contract number and contract date. You cannot SAVE the request if there are unanswered questions. To get around this, enter place holder information for each question and then SAVE the record - do not select the "Submit" button. You can then reopen the request and all the information you entered will still be there. Then, correct the place holder information and select the "Submit" button.

I am trying to submit a request for a PEC and I have entered my Tax Entity Exemption number. The system won't accept my number, what do I do?
The Kansas Tax Exempt Entity number is a 10-digit, randomly selected, number that starts with the letters KS and does not use the letter "O" (KS1AA1A1AA). This field is case sensitive and does not allow for spaces or punctuation. If you are unable to locate this number, you can contact our office at 785-296-3081.

TIP: Be sure that you are using the number zero "0" and not the letter "O".

I selected the back button and I was kicked out of the system, what did I do wrong?
Be sure to use the blue buttons, including the "Back" button, at the bottom of each page. Using the Back option in the tool bar at the top of your screen will, in most cases, kick you out of the exemption certificate application.

When I log onto the system I can only see the PECs that I have entered. One of my coworkers entered a PEC that I need to submit a request to extend the estimated completion date, how do I get this done?
By adding the Tax Exempt Entity certificate to your account, you will be able to see all the PECs that have been submitted by your entity. To add a certificate click on the link labeled "Add an existing Tax Exempt Entity Certificate to the account" and add the certificate. You can then request a change for the PEC that was entered by your coworker.

I have answered the questions and selected the Submitted/Save button at the bottom of the screen and nothing happens. Why won't the system take the information I entered?
In most cases, this means that either a question has been left unanswered or the system does not like what you have entered for a particular question. The questions that are not being accepted are listed at the top of your screen in red. If the question does not have an answer entered, simply enter your response. If you have entered a response, try removing any special characters (i.e. #, @, etc.).

If you continue to have problems you can contact our office at 785-296-3081.

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