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Please be advised that the state sales tax rate for Kansas has changed to 6.15% effective July 1, 2013. A list of current jurisdictions and their corresponding tax rates can be found in the Jurisdictions Code Booklet (Pub. KS-1700).

New Filing Requirements for Retailers’ Sales Compensating Use and Withholding Taxes
The Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR) announces a new law taking effect July 1, 2010 requiring businesses to submit Retailers’ Sales Compensating Use and Withholding Tax returns electronically.

Senate Bill 430 passed by the 2010 Kansas Legislature and subsequently signed into law by the Governor, requires businesses to submit Retailers’ Sales, Compensating Use, and Withholding Tax returns electronically. Paper forms will no longer be mailed to businesses collecting these taxes.

The development and use of paperless formats promotes efficiency, reduces processing costs and therefore, aids in reducing the overall cost of government. Customers can call 785-368-8222 for more information.

Notice of Electronic Filing Mandate

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