Payment Plan Request for Businesses and Individuals

General Information

The Kansas Department of Revenue may consider a payment plan agreement for taxpayers to resolve their accounts if certain criteria are met. Effective July 1, 2013, pursuant to Senate Bill 83, passed by the 2013 Kansas Legislature, the Kansas Department of Revenue will charge a $25 payment plan administration fee on all approved payment plans exceeding 90 days.

Penalty and interest will continue to accrue during the life of the agreement based upon any unpaid tax. Any refunds or other monies due to the taxpayer will be applied to the liability, even if the taxpayer is/has made all of their installment payments on time.

In some cases where the pay plan exceeds six months, a tax warrant will be filed with the District Court to protect the state's interest. A tax warrant will also be filed if the Statute of Limitations is due to expire during the term of the payment plan.

Taxpayers who are granted a payment plan must file and pay all current and future taxes and estimated payments when due. Any additional debts not included in the agreement or missed payments will be considered default of the agreement and the department may take immediate enforcement action.

Get the Payment Plan Request for BUSINESSES (CM-16) here.

Get the Payment Plan Request for INDIVIDUAL INCOME (CM-15) here.

  • Pay Plan Request Forms can be faxed to the Collections Department at: 1-785-291-3616.
  • Pay Plan Request Forms can be emailed to:

If your payment plan is approved you will receive a payment plan confirmation by mail within 14 days of our processing your request.

If your payment plan is denied, you will receive instructions from the department on how to proceed.

Once a payment plan is set, you may choose from one of the following four options offered by the department to pay your tax:

  • Check or Money Order. If you choose this payment method, be sure to write your Social Security Number on your check or money order and make it payable to “Kansas Business Tax.”
  • Direct Payment. When you select Direct Payment, you are giving the Kansas Department of Revenue permission to initiate a payment electronically from your bank account. This Direct Payment option is not recurring; you will need to authorize each payment separately. For more information, visit our web site at:
  • Credit Card.Taxpayers also have the option to remit their Kansas Individual Income Tax Estimated Tax (K-40ES) by credit card via the Internet through third-party vendors. Payment options vary by vendor. A convenience fee is charged by the vendor based on the amount of tax being paid. Credit card transactions are strictly between the vendor and the taxpayer. Any disputes specific to card payments are between the taxpayer and the vendor. Rules regarding the credit card transactions are available at the vendors’ web site. For additional information about credit card payments and a list of participating vendors, see the Credit Card Payments FAQ page.

Get the Payment Plan Request for BUSINESSES (CM-16) here.

Get the Payment Plan Request for INDIVIDUAL INCOME (CM-15) here.