Tax Entity Exemption Certificate Renewal

The exemption certificate for your exempt entity is set to expire. To continue to purchase goods and services exempt from sales tax you must renew your certificate. Retailers will not accept your current exemption certificate after the expiration date. The new certificate will have an expiration date of October 1, 2020.

The renewal process consists of signing into KS WebTax, updating contact and address information and then printing out the new certificate. Once updated, you can come back to your account and print off additional certificate at any time as well as update changes to contact and address information. You can also save a copy of the certificate on your computer. The certificate is a fillable form, meaning once you have saved a copy on our computer, you can type the information onto the form.

To begin, return to the Welcome Page and sign into KS WebTax. If you do not have a KS WebTax account, click on Register Now to create an account. Once you are signed-in you will be directed to the Exemption Selection page, where you would select the "Renew Tax Entity Exemption Cert" button. This will take you to your exemption certificate list screen.

When creating a new KS WebTax account, if you get an error message stating there is already an account using the email address, it means an account had been created in the past with that email address. You can retrieve the information by having a message sent to your email with your sign-on information. To do this click on "Forgot your User ID/Password?" on the KS WebTax sign-in page. By entering in your email address, you will be sent a message with your user ID and then you can request your password in the manner.

On the list screen, if your exemption certificate is listed, check that the renewal date is blank. If blank, click the "View/Renew Cert" button next to the certificate which will take you to your certificate summary page. Click on the 'Renew' button to update any information and print a new certificate. If the renewal date contains a date, that means someone else has already renewed the exemption certificate and no further action is needed.

If your certificate number is not listed on this list screen, you need to activate the certificate by clicking on "Add an Existing Tax Exempt Entity Certificate to this account. Enter in the exemption certificate number and PIN from the letter and press continue. You will be returned to the Certificate List screen where your certificate will be listed and you can now proceed with the renewal application.

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