Extracting W-2 Data from Quickbooks and Peachtree

*** Important: As of tax year 2014, the Kansas Department of Revenue no longer maintains the QuickBooks and Peachtree conversion template. While the template is still available below and may work for this tax year, the Department will no longer be able to troubleshoot problems users encounter when using the template. Users should contact the appropriate vendor to determine how to produce W-2 data in the appropriate format. ***

As of Dec. 2010, Intuit QuickBooks has enhanced their desktop software to now create EFW2 files for many states including Kansas. This feature is available to Enhanced Payroll Subscribers. Select "Get Payroll Updates" from the Employees menu then restart QuickBooks to get this feature. The program will add the "Create State W-2 E-File" item to the "Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s" menu. For more information about creating the electronic W-2 file using QuickBooks, Please visit their website.

For those filers using Peachtree, older versions of QuickBooks, or who are not Enhanced Payroll Subscribers, information can be still be exported out of both programs in a comma separated value (CSV) spreadsheet format then modified and combined with other data to create an uploadable file. This process is time consuming and prone to error. While there are third party utilities available that will put the information into a suitable format, these programs must be purchased by the tax payer.

The Kansas Department of Revenue has created a Microsoft Excel template that will allow users to create a state-defined CSV file with withholding data retrieved from QuickBooks or Peachtree.  The CSV file can then be uploaded directly into the Department's WebTax withholding application.

Online File Testing

Once the CSV file is created from the Kansas Department of Revenue Conversion Template, the file should be tested using the Department's validation page. The testing options should be set to the appropriate tax reporting year in a CSV format without header rows. You may be required to tweak information within the Kansas Department of Revenue Conversion Utility then re-create and re-test your information before you receive valid results. Once you have a valid file, you can log into the WebTax application and complete your W-2 upload.

For additional information about electronically filing withholding reports, see the W-2/1099 Electronic Filing Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Electronic Services at kdor_eservices@ks.gov or 785-296-6993.