Event Promoter/Vendor Tax Clearance Application Process

Tax clearance letters verify all promoters and/or vendors are compliant with tax laws before an event occurs and level the playing field for all participants.

Participation in your event requires tax clearance letters. Three tax clearance letters are necessary for each promoter and/or vendor. Each letter is for a different area of tax accounting.

  • Individual (#1)
  • Business (#2)
  • Special Events (#3)
  1.  Apply for individual (#1) & business (#2) tax clearance letters online. 
    1. Start by going here  https://www.kdor.ks.gov/apps/TaxClearance/
    2. Click “Submit Request”
    3. Click “Individual”
    4. Complete the form and click submit
    5. Begin the process again by going here https://www.kdor.ks.gov/apps/TaxClearance/
    6. Click “Submit Request”
      • If you are a sole proprietor click “Business-Sole Proprietor
      • If you are not a sole proprietor click “Business-Not-Sole-Proprietor
    7. Complete the form and click “submit.”  You will be given a transaction ID, which you will need in order to check the status of your request. 
      • Please print out or write down this transaction ID.
    8. Submitted tax clearance requests process overnight, so you must return to the web page visited above to verify the status of your request on the business day following your submission.  Click “View Status”
    9. Enter your FEIN or SSN and the transaction ID for your submission and click “Retrieve Status”.
    10. If your tax clearance has been approved, the message “The request has been approved. Click here to view and print certificate” will appear.  Click and print your approved tax clearance.
    11. If your tax clearance has not been approved, you will be prompted to contact the Department of Revenue or Department of Labor to discuss and resolve any issues found.  Once resolved, the customer representative assisting you will be able to update the status of your request and you can repeat step J to print your certificate.
  2.  Apply for a special event (#3) tax clearance letter.
    1. Start by going  http://www.ksrevenue.org/pdf/cm21.pdf
    2. Complete the CM-21 tax clearance form
    3. Submit the following to the Kansas Department of Revenue
      • Online individual tax clearance certificate (#1)
      • Online business tax clearance certificate (#2)
      • Completed CM-21
           1. Fax to: 866-743-4812 OR
           2. Email to: kdor_special.events@ks.gov and enter in the subject line “Tax Clearance Request” OR
           3. Mail to: 
              Attn: Special Events
              13420 W 62nd Ter
              Shawnee, KS 66216
    4.  If approved, the Special Event (#3) tax clearance letter will be emailed to you. 
      • If you have checked “Submit a copy of my tax clearance letter to the event noted above” (Part 4.) the Kansas Boxing Commission will be a recipient on the email. 
      • Save a copy of the tax clearance letter for your records.
      • Contact the Kansas Boxing Commissioner to ensure a copy of your tax clearance letter was received.
    5.  If your special event tax clearance is not approved, you will be contacted by the Kansas Department of Revenue to discuss and resolve any issues found.  Once resolved the special events agent assisting you will be able to update the status of your request and proceed as in step #d.