Electronic Services for Sales (Retailer)

The EF-101 Authorization Form for Electronic Funds Transfer is used verify that tax account numbers are accurate and active, report bank account details necessary to use the telephone payment applications, and authorize the Department to debit your account appropriately. An EF-101 is ONLY REQUIRED if you intend to make tax payments via ACH Credit or initiate ACH Debit transactions using the Kansas Department of Revenue’s telephone payment system at 1-877-600-5640.

Financial payments that are initiated through your bank and submitted to the Department of Revenue are ACH Credits. These electronic payments must fit into the format prescribed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). If you use the Kansas Department of Revenue Customer Service Center or telephone applications to pay your taxes, these payments are pulled from your bank account. This process is known as ACH Debit.

To submit an electronic EF-101 form, you must first be registered and logged into the Kansas Department of Revenue Customer Service Center. While you do not need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to register to use this application, you will need a PIN/Access code if you intend to enter banking information for your telephone payment or to associate individual tax accounts to your login. PINs are unique to each tax account. You can obtain your PIN/Access code by calling 785-368-8222.

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