I Want to Renew My Non-Beverage User License

Renewing your Non-Beverage User License:

When you apply for a new liquor license or renew your existing license this year, it will be for a two year license term and it must be renewed biannually.

You will have the option to either:

  • pay the license fee and the registration fee in full or
  • pay half of the license fee plus the registration fee with your application and pay the remaining half of the license fee plus a 10 percent surcharge within one year from the date your license was issued. Note: If you do not pay your remaining license fee and the 10 percent surcharge when it is due, your license will automatically be cancelled.

Submit the following document and appropriate feesto renew your Non-Beverage User License:

  1. Kansas Liquor License Application and Instructions (ABC-800)
  2. License Fee (see chart below)
  3. $10 Registration Fee
License Fees and Bond Amounts
1 Not to exceed 100 gallons $10 $200
2 Not to exceed 1,000 gallons $50 $500
3 Not to exceed 5,000 gallons $100 $1000
4 Not to exceed 10,000 gallons $200 $5000
5 In excess of 10,000 gallons $500 $10,000

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