Apply for a Non-Beverage User License

Prerequisites to Obtain a Non-Beverage User License:

The Non-Beverage User License allows the licensee to make multiple purchases of alcohol or wine for specific quantities and use during the term of the license. The applicant must be either:

  • A laboratory using alcohol for nonbeverage purposes or
  • A manufacturer of products containing alcohol or wine in:
    • Patent and proprietary medicines;
    • Medicinal, antiseptic and toilet preparations;
    • Flavorings extracts and syrups and food products;
    • Scientific, industrial and chemical products; or,
    • Scientific, chemical, experimental, or mechanical purposes.


Non-Beverage User licensees must purchase alcohol or wine from manufacturers and distributors unless it is using the alcohol to manufacture pharmaceutical products to be sold in interstate commerce.

If the licensee is engaged in the business of manufacturing, compounding or preparing pharmaceutical products or similar preparations or products containing alcohol or wine to be sold in both intrastate and interstate commerce, they may purchase at wholesale from manufacturers or distributors not licensed in Kansas and import alcohol or wine either in barrels, drums, casks or other containers.

At the end of each month, the licensee must complete and file the ABC-837 Kansas Non-Beverage User Monthly Report of Purchases and submit it to the ABC by the 15th day of the following month in which alcohol or wine was purchased. The licensee may renew their Non-Beverage User license biannually.

Applying for a New Non-Beverage User License:

When you apply for a new liquor license or renew your existing license this year, it will be for a two year license term and it must be renewed biannually.

You will have the option to either:

  • pay the license fee and the registration fee in full or
  • pay half of the license fee plus the registration fee with your application and pay the remaining half of the license fee plus a 10 percent surcharge within one year from the date your license was issued. Note: If you do not pay your remaining license fee and the 10 percent surcharge when it is due, your license will automatically be cancelled.

Submit the following documents and appropriate fees to obtain a new Non-Beverage User License:

  1. Kansas Liquor License Application and Instructions (ABC-800)
  2. Financial Disclosure (ABC-801)
  3. Post either an escrow or surety bond (See the forms and chart below.)
  4. Request for Permanent Premise Approval (ABC-806)
  5. Licensing fee (See the chart below.)
  6. $50 registration fee
License Fees and Bond Amounts
1 Not to exceed 100 gallons $20 $200
2 Not to exceed 1,000 gallons $100 $500
3 Not to exceed 5,000 gallons $200 $1000
4 Not to exceed 10,000 gallons $400 $5000
5 In excess of 10,000 gallons $1000 $10,000

Gallonage Tax Return:

Gallonage tax is not imposed upon alcohol or wine purchased by Non-Beverage User licensees.

Monthly Report:

Non-Beverage User licensees must complete and file a monthly report that is due on or before the 15th day of the following month in which alcohol or wine was purchased.

Other Forms:

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